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Nila: The Moroccan Sahara Mystery

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To the South of Morocco into the Sahara, we find “Nila”, an organic miracle that uniquely originates from this region, and is considered one of the most fascinating natural resources. The benefits of this royal blue mineral are numerous, which makes this tradition one of the oldest and the best-kept secrets of Moroccan women.

The Nila has been considered sacred since ancient times by most tribes where women were known for their beauty and exquisiteness. Nila has a whitening effect and gives brightness and radiance to the skin.

 Nila powder (INCI: Indigofera Suffruticosa Extract) is a 100% natural mineral with an indigo blue color. It is found in the form of a rock that is reduced to powder. This indigo/Majorelle blue powder can be integrated into cosmetics, hair and body masks, or combined with other plant powders, vegetable oils, oily macerates, hydrosols, essential oils or even vegetable glycerin to produce a blend that is ready to use on the skin as a treatment or a formula for protection purposes.

Properties & Benefits

Nila is known for its benefits to improve skin complexion, reduce inflammation, and protect against skin damage. It is used to lighten the complexion, to soften dark and rough areas such as the knees, elbows, feet or the tops of the hands, and to purify the skin and help regenerate the cells.

Additionally, Nila is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This makes it a safe choice for those with sensitive skin who want to protect it from harmful free radicals. Its natural moisturizing formula softens the skin, and reduces dark spots leaving it very soft and hydrated. It also reduces the signs of aging as it reacts as a good anti-wrinkles which repairs the skin making it rejuvenated.

The Blue Nila effective lightening properties, gained the first place among the ingredients women can rely in the recent times, especially since its effect appears from the first use.

 The following are a number of Nila benefits from the first use:

  • Helps improve complexion,
  • Eliminates freckles, blackheads, and excess fat while cleansing deeply,
  • Use on all areas of the body such as buttocks, elbows, and neck,
  • Helps lighten and whiten the skin,
  • Works to get rid of the effects of the sun, including dark spots and pigmentation,
  • Helps reduce fine lines and give the skin a firmer complexion,
  • Gives the skin freshness, radiant, and velvety softness.

How to use it:

Nila is very effective in the form of masks or scrubs. The results are tremendous if applied after the Black Soap when the skin is ready to absorb the product after the dead cells are removed with Kessa leaving the pores cleaned.

Any product with Nila, is usually used once to twice a week to obtain perfect results. It is recommended to scrub with Nila for about 10 to 15 minutes; then rinse with water thoroughly. As a result, a brightening and whitening effect on the complexion is noticed, which naturally softens the skin while reducing its discoloration.

The Blue Nila in its powder form, has a natural smell that is heavy and usually not familiar. Leen prepared a ready-to-use scrub with honey, sugar and natural healthy ingredients, with a nice smell of Orange Blossoms that covers the real natural Nila smell to provide a feeling of  refreshed and naturally cleaned.


Nila in the form of powder can be easily found in the traditional Moroccan Souk (Markets) in the South of Morocco. However, the quality cannot be guaranteed to be good or authentic. It could be found in a form of a stone or powder at a very low price, as it is usually mixed with clay without it being identified given the blue color that supersedes the clay!

It is important to ensure that the source is trusted and provides the authentic, pure Nila.

Regarding any other form of Nila products (mask, scrub, cream, etc), to date, these are very rare in Morocco. This is a reason why Leen Moroccan Care has made it its premium product offering.

Nila products by Leen

 As of today, Leen offers only Nila is the form of a body scrub. New arrivals are coming:

  • Nila Scrub for face
  • Nila Mask for face
  • Nila scrub for lips
So stay tuned.