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What is the essence of Moroccan black soap called "Soap Beldi"?

  • 3 min read

What is it?

The Moroccan black soap is the most body care product to reach triumph status, and for good reasons.

Hyped as the ultimate deep cleansing solution, it is the best fighter against imperfect skin, blackspots, impurified, unhomogenised skin, and everything in between.

Unlike the synthetic popular soaps, the Moroccan black soap is natural handmade based on pure ingredients of natural plants and oils. 


Black soap can be made with any oil. Therefore, there is a range of quality choices at very low prices, available in the Souk (Market). This is because it is made with used, burned oil. It is usually found neutral without any plants or other ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Which would reduce the benefits and have negative effects on sensitive skins, especially as the pH level is unregulated.

In the remaining parts of this article, we will refer to the Moroccan Black Soap Beldi made by Leen in order to discuss the benefits of the included ingredients, but also to consider the advantages specifically promoted by Leen Black Soap that is prepared in a certified laboratory where the pH level is controlled together with the ingredients origins and quality. 

The benefits 

 It is and excellent moisturizer, made basically with pure Argan and Olive oils, which help sooth dry skin leaving it hydrating, but not oily, even after harsh scrubbing with Kessa.

It helps to relieve skin imperfections (pimples, acne, excess sebum), purifies and deeply cleanses the face, and gets rid of the skin toxins. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it fights against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and while nourishing, hydrating and relieving dry skin.

Antibacterial: Contains antibacterial properties which can remove even resistant bacteria from the surface. Despite its natural strength, it acts gently on the body or face skin without harm or damage.

Safe for all skin types: Black soap is mixed with Argan and Olive oil, as well as plants extracts. It is safe to use on all types of skin unless it suffers from specific allergies. This Soap can help balance the skin’s natural oil production as well as its pH level.

How to use? 

The black soap is the first step in the Moroccan bath or Hammam ritual. The natural texture of Moroccan black soap provides an ideal surface for removing dead skin during exfoliation while also leaving the complexion feeling clean without any residue on exposed areas. It can be gently spread all over the body using circular movement. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The next step is to use Kessa (glove) on all the body to rub the skin, the dead cells will get removed in the process, leaving the skin very clean and soft. When finished, rinse thoroughly to clean the removed dead cells.

Ideally, either Ghassoul, Scrub, or simply a shower Gel can be used to finish the ritual.

There are no restriction or specific guidelines regarding the use of the Moroccan Black Soap, as it can be mixed with any other ingredients, such as Nila powder, Henna powder, or Sekla powder by Leen, together with Rose water, Orange Blossoms water, or simply normal water to get a smooth pasta ready to apply. Then use the Kessa to exfoliate.

It is highly recommended to use it during a hot bath for perfect results.

The Moroccan black soap is recommended for weekly exfoliating treatment or as daily shower soap for sublime and radiant skin, guaranteeing a healthy complexion not harmed or damaged with any chemical ingredients included in the normal drugstore soaps.


Moroccan Black Soap by Leen

As of today, three variants are available: Black Soap with Orange Blossoms, Black Soap with Eucalyptus, and Black Soap with Oud Wood.

Very soon we will be offering two new variants. The added ingredients will further purify, nourish, and repair the skin. Stay tuned to discover our next secret ingredients Very Soon!