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Natural hair care for the best hair correction. All Made in Morocco.

Leen Philosophy

Leen is an Arabic term referring to “Tender” and “Delicate. It retraces our philosophy to maintain a state of purity and softness through the use of authentic, purely natural, and toxic-free products.

The second part of Leen, “Moroccan Care”, is the essence of its existence. It represents the luxurious, natural, traditional way to take care of hair and skin, delivering stunning results by following the trusted Moroccan heritage as a source for enriched, high-end, natural cosmetics, and uncovering intriguing ancient beauty secrets handed down through multiple generations. Leen takes a holistic approach to share with the world the wellbeing that transcends hair and skincare to conquer a balanced lifestyle that is faithfully associated with mother nature.

Leen Values

Leen is driven by the values of high-quality offering, ethics, and social responsibility.

Highest Quality: Moroccan & Natural

Leen aims to revive the Moroccan longstanding mode of life while connecting with the best elements of mother nature including pure essential oils, plant extracts, and flower essences. This exertion takes Leen’s reputation to the highest levels amongst the cosmetic world at a global scale. The formulations without Sulfate, Plastics, Alcohol, Paraben, Silicon, Peg-Colorants, or Synthetic Fragrances, respect the high-quality standards which distinguish Leen’s exceptional hair and skin care products making every treatment an exclusive experience.

Ethics & Social Responsibility

Ethical awareness, transparency, and environmental mindfulness sit at the heart of Leen’s value. Leen is committed to creating Moroccan care formulas that tap into natural resources, are ethically sourced by local suppliers, and are locally manufactured and tested in a certified laboratory that complies with the international health standard requirements. Leen’s endeavors towards the finest quality, offering natural products that contain no SLS, Sulfate, parabens, toxic chemicals, or synthetic fragrances, while respecting the highest health requirements and standards.

Environmental responsibility

Leen has the responsibility to make a positive impact on the community. From the ingredients to the packaging, Leen is committed to being conscious about the packaging and ensuring it is using recycled material …

Leen Production

Leen products are created based on natural ingredients purely originating from Morocco.

We want to offer everyone who gets to know Leen, the sensorial experience of Moroccan Care and traditions. Leen makes every treatment a special moment guaranteeing the most superior quality to match with our creed and achieve the utmost customer satisfaction.

We guarantee and offer customers the following:

+ Moroccan products based on natural ingredients that are 100% pure and authentic. All are sourced in Morocco.

+ Formulations not containing any Paraben, Sulfate, Silicone, or any synthetic fragrances.

+ Products made and tested in a Laboratory that is ISO-22716 & Ecocert certified.

+ Best service offering.

The success of Leen products derives from their characteristic of being based on the finest natural and precious ingredients to make Moroccan formulations for wellness and beauty. The versatility of their uses distinguishes them because each product can be used individually or following the specific rituals of the old Moroccan tradition to get the most benefit.